Hi! I’m Miquel!

Welcome to my personal site. In the blog I’ll write what I learn while coding, building stuff or playing with new things. In the projects area you’ll find what I’ll be working on.

Some of my interests are artificial intelligence, game development, the intersection between art and technology, sports, data… so these are the topics I will work on the most.

You can follow me on twitter also for some cool retweets on these and other topics like entrepreneurship, psychology, economics, random geekness, etc.

You can also contact me through email, there is my address at the footer of the page.

The source code for this site can be found at github where you can find my other repositories.

This site is built using Jekyll (which is pretty cool) and hosted on S3 (which is pretty cool too :smile:).

Want to say “hi!” or anything else? Please use the contact form. Thanks!